This 500 sq.ft. 1 BHK apartment redefines urban luxury by proving that elegance and functionality can coexist harmoniously. Through thoughtful design, innovative space utilization, and a touch of Mumbai’s traditional spirit, this interior project stands as a testament to the art of modern living.

Acompact 10’ x 10’ bedroom,has a full height wardrobe which houses a washing maching,thus leaving space for an additional fully functional bathroom.


The entrance foyer is a story in itself, representing the apartment’s inhabitants’ appreciation for our culture & heritage.

A teakwood shoe rack, handcarved with intricate Maharashtrian traditional motif offer a glimpse of the sophisticated luxury that defines the rest of the living space.

Subdued lighting casts a gentle glow over the entrance foyer, creating an intimate atmosphere. A contemporary clear glass light illuminates the space.

The bedroom is designed with a minimalist approach that emphasizes functionality.There is a careful use of warm materials,neutral wall paper to add textural difference and warmth.


The standout feature of this apartment is the innovative transformation of a small part of the kitchen area into a serene & functional study room.

A sleek,soundproof,L shaped glass partition with French door aesthetic separates the living and study space,maintaining visual continuity from the study,while there is no visibility from the living space into the study room. This helps in visually expanding the space and fulfills the Vaastu requirements of the client as well. The design showcases the art of optimizing every square foot to its fullest potential.

Acustom-built desk, ambient lighting, absolute sound proofing with air conditioning and ergonomic seating transforms this space into a productive haven.


A compact 7’ x 8’ kitchen, the inclusion of a dishwasher, a water purifier, and a generously sized refrigerator showcasing intelligent space planning. The countertops are sleek white G5 slabs, resistant to stains and scratches, making them ideal for culinary endeavors. The backsplash features lightly grained quartz slab,to completely eliminate grouts. The kitchen, despite its modest dimensions,cherishes efficiency and innovation. Cleverly incorporating essential appliances and modern conveniences, thus showcasing the art of optimizing space without compromising on style or functionality.

The study room and kitchen are seperated by a glass block partition wall that helps in the flow of natural light and transparency.Two brass pendant lights adorn the space.


Brass cabinet knobs and handles along with gold laminated shutters instantly infused the kitchen with a sense of luxury and elegance.