Exhibition space at World of Concrete 2022

An immersive exhibition space that effectively showcases the exhibitor company’s innovative pre-fabricated modular plastic formwork and scaffolding systems. The overarching theme for the exhibition replicated the look and feel of an active construction site, providing visitors with an engaging and informative experience.

This image represents a snapshot of the exhibition booth setup, a testament to our rapid and meticulously planned design-to-execution timeline. This endeavour is a Fast-track process of unparalleled precision, characterized by an extraordinary level of micro-detailing and organizational finesse.

With only a tight 48-hour window allotted for the actual booth installation, our team functions like a well-coordinated army, working tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the booth is immaculately prepared and ready to shine when the show begins.


A comprehensive 3D visualization crafted to provide an in-depth understanding of the entire booth. This detailed representation offers a vivid, lifelike preview of the space, ensuring a clear and immersive experience for planning, design assessment, and precise execution.