"Make your mold. The best flux in the world will not make a usable shape unless you have a mould to pour it in.” ~ Robert Collier



Moulds shape the material and with the help of patience and probably an efficient chisel,you get the desirable flux; end result is a finely made product.Similarly, Studio Saacha is dedicated to mould the client’s vision.

Saacha begins by asking questions and understanding your aspirations with a clean slate. What has begun with understanding,gets a purpose and a well curated process which is committed to giving our clients a commanding advantage.

We identify solutions that meet your expectations making sure that the design intent is intact and a quality project is delivered and the end user is able to take advantage of the designed space for years to come.

The possibility of an ingenious design which creates a good business or a lovely home for our clients is always preserved at Studio Saacha.

We believe that,a good design enhances sales, boosts your visibility, help cutting costs and push your profits.

We offer comprehensive array of services from Schematic design to Construction administration.

We identify your need to be absolutely functional, along with the aesthetics of your project.

Your success is our success

Difference between Interior & Interior Architecture ?

Many get confused, whats the difference between interior and interior architecture?

Architects are proficient at structural solutions and creative design for both exterior and interior of a building.

Interior architecture is often
confused with
Interior Design.The later focuses more on aesthetics.

I nterior architecture focuses functionality of a space for human occupancy. Interior architecture blends art and architecture to construct, restore, or mould various buildings, like airports,public buildings,offices,homes or other spaces.

This type of architecture also involves adaptive re-use i.e.converting one type of space into another, for example, turning the indoor space of an old office building into a store or a restaurant.

Interior architects often change the actual structure of the building. They take the structure and its building codes into account to create a habitable living space and this process involves architectural analysis.

Sustainable design options are always considered into their projects,for example alternative heating and lighting systems,green wall systems,designing according to the sun-path model,etc

Design Approach

Every element of design should serve a sense of purpose. Reflection, engagement, participation and thus evolution are some of the slow design principles that Studio Saacha draws on during their design approach.

Studio Saacha has a quest for the richness of terrestrial substance within the social fabric through interior-architecture and objects.

  • Holistic approach
  • Purpose driven decisions
  • Respect for the process
  • Embrace innovation
  • Take pride in the local
  • Committed to excellence
  • Collaboration is key
  • Healthy working environment